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Inside Magazines: Independent Pop Culture Magazines
Autore: Andersson, Patrik Genere: Libro illustrato Casa Editrice: Gingko Press Anno: 2002 ISBN: 978-1584231097 Pagine: 227 Paese: Inghilterra Lingua: Inglese Dimensioni: Grande Dewey: Tags:Editoria indipendente cs | Magazine cs | MODULO DI RICHIESTA

Inside magazines is a visual record of the recently emerged publishing niche located in between the world of underground ‘zines’ and that of mass-market magazines, those publications that fall under the broad cultural canopy of art, music, fashion, design and youth culture. The book does not simply reproduce the individual ideas laid out in such magazines, but also sets in motion a dialogue between them, presenting a number of autonomous projects created specifically for inside magazines contributed by the creators of some of the publications featured in the book. It is therefore not simply a catalogue of magazines, but also a collection of historical essays, artist projects, mini-magazines and interviews.