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The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes: The Art of Alan Aldridge
Autore: Aldridge, Alan Genere: Libro illustrato Casa Editrice: Thames & Hudson Anno: 2008 ISBN: 9780500093429 Pagine: 239 Paese: Inghilterra Lingua: Inglese Dimensioni: Grande Dewey: 741.9242 Tags:Grafica cs | Inghilterra cs | Poster Art cs | Psichedelia cs | MODULO DI RICHIESTA

Over the course of his 40-year career, Alan Aldridge has been the design guru for the Beatles; a designer of gigs and album covers for the Rolling Stones, Elton John, the Who, Cream, and Led Zeppelin; the target of police prosecution for his notorious Chelsea Girls poster; the author of the bestselling children’s book The Butterfly Ball; and a graphic designer for the Hard Rock Cafe, the House of Blues, and the New York Times.
Here is the definitive visual survey of the art of Alan Aldridge, whose signature style came to define the Psychedelic Era for a generation, and for generations to come. The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes charts Aldridge’s extraordinary life with extraordinary images, giving the complete portrait of a graphic genius who fully expressed the spirit of his time.
Brimming with the very best tripped-out, pulsating illustrations and designs culled from all corners of his varied body of work, the resulting visual feat will astonish and delight fans of all ages.