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The Small Stakes: Music Posters
Autore: Munn, Jason Genere: Libro illustrato Casa Editrice: Chronicle Books Anno: 2010 ISBN: 978-0811872300 Pagine: 192 Paese: Stati Uniti Lingua: Inglese Dimensioni: Tascabile Dewey: Tags:Grafica cs | Illustrazione cs | Poster Art cs | MODULO DI RICHIESTA

Renowned graphic artist Jason Munnthe one-man operation behind the studio The Small Stakesis a leader in modern-day music poster design. Collected here for the first time are over 150 of his iconic posters for various bands, including Beck, Wilco, Built to Spill, the Flaming Lips, the Pixies, and many more. Unique in their conceptual elegance, Munn’s silk-screened posters are widely appreciated for perfectly evoking each artist or band’s character and distinctive sound. With a foreword by Death Cab for Cutie’s bassist Nicolas Harmer, an interview conducted by prolific poster artist Jay Ryan, and 6-color printing that showcases metallic silver and gold, this book is a beautiful celebration of art and music.