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Eyesore: Recent Litter from the Firehouse Kustom Rockart Company by Chuck Sperry e Ron Donovan
Autore: Sperry, Chuck Genere: Libro illustrato Casa Editrice: Firehouse Anno: 2003 ISBN: 9780867195774 Pagine: 98 Paese: Stati Uniti Lingua: Inglese Dimensioni: Grande Dewey: Tags:Design cs | Grafica cs | Musica cs | Poster Art cs | Serigrafia cs | MODULO DI RICHIESTA

The artists of the Firehouse Kustom Rockart Company, aka Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan, have created posters for numerous major rock bands (Pavement, Pearl Jam, the Beastie Boys, Hole, and the Rolling Stones). Eyesore contains a rich sampling of their signature silkscreen technique that blends splendid artistry with impeccable craftsmanship–an eye-popping collection of the rock and roll posters and ephemera that made this studio famous.